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My programme achieves great results in muscle building, strength, fitness and fat burn. Complete 1-2 personal training sessions per week and or ebook to achieve great results. This personal training service includes all my training and nutrition plans to achieve the results that are looking for.

Based in my private gym located at Hedsor Golf Course you will achieve these results with me & my programme. I have 10 years personal training experience achieving a high level of results by giving you the inspiration, motivation and knowledge.

Call Tom on: 07805041304

Email: tom@tarboxtraining.co.uk

Client Testimonials

Tom has been looking after my training for nearly 3 years now. Prior to being introduced to Tom, I was the classic gym member, 12 years of paying for membership that I used sporadically and would you believe it, got little results! I’m now 51 and have never been stronger. His focus, encouragement and constant support have literally changed my body and health for the better. I am so thankful I was introduced to him. No other trainer has made me feel as inspired. If you are wanting to improve your fitness and transform your body – Do yourself a BIG favour and contact him.

Chris Pooler.

Client Testimonials

Tom is far and away the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. High energy, incredibly knowledgeable, so motivating, and always fun! Whatever your goal, Tom will help you achieve it. I cannot recommend Tom highly enough.

Rebecca Smith.

Client Testimonials

I’ve been training with Tom for three months now and would heartily recommend him. He is friendly, approachable and an expert in his field. in three months I’ve gone from a complete novice on free weights to making some massive progress, losing 8kg of weight and stacking on muscle. He knows his stuff.

Luke Cater.

Client Testimonials

Having seen Tom for more than 3 years, I can whole heartedly say that his training changed my life. You can always count on him to be honest and motivating in and out of training sessions and he has helped me excel in weightlifting. I have recently hit a 100kg back squat, something I only dreamed of when I started lifting! If you want to be the best you, contact Tom. I can’t recommend him enough!

Teagan Pooler.

Client Testimonials

5 stars. I’ve been training with Tom for the last 18 months and have never looked back since… Before I met Tom I was forcing good posture which wasn’t very comfortable nor did it achieve the results I wanted, this was due to my lack of experience and understanding. Thanks to working with Tom I am now relaxed, good posture, and executing exercises with good form. I am also no longer skipping meals – thanks to his advice and ‘real world’ nutrition tips. He’s been ‘the whole package’ for achieving my goals. I have successfully managed to gain muscle and lose body fat at the same time, thanks to Tom.

Ahmed Adnani.

Client Testimonials

Couldn’t recommend Tom enough. Due to hyper mobility I get nervous lifting heavy but with Toms support and guidance I felt confident to push my body. With this I saw significantly increased strength and a much leaner body. Toms excellent knowledge base meant he could always offer alternative exercises when my joints were sore as well helping me identify healthy vegetarian sources of protein to fit my diet. Most importantly Tom creates a friendly, supportive, motivational and empathetic environment which has been invaluable in helping me feel confident and happy with my body.

Ellie Jefferies.

Client Testimonials

I have been seeing Tom for over 3 years now. He is empathetic, motivating and a tone of fun. He is passionate about getting the results you want and his knowledge, experience and advise will get you to achieve them. Each year I am stronger and fitter than the last, lifting weights that I never thought I could and that is down to him! If you want to improve your fitness or strength correctly, then I recommend Tom. He is a great personal trainer.

Stephen Proffitt.

Client Testimonials

It gives me great pleasure writing this review. Thanks to Tom’s exceptional programme, I can feel confident going on that beach holiday. His guidance with nutrition meant it was manageable for me to see consistent results without feeling like I’m dieting or missing out on anything. With Tom’s direction, I’m now lifting weights I never thought I could, I’m feeling good AND I’m looking the best I’ve ever looked! Tom isn’t just an expert when it comes to fitness and training. His passion when seeing my results really helps keep me motivated. He’s is genuinely as excited as I am about the results and it’s an absolute pleasure training with him. THANK YOU TOM!!!!

Raphael Penque.

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